Make It Happen Signage Academy

Make it Happen Signage Academy

One Day – Two Workshops! A lifetime of knowledge.

illuminated signage

product knowledge & know-how!

  • Fabricated and Illuminated Panels
  • Flex Face Signage
  • Factory tour – Tea/Coffee break
  • Illuminated letters
  • Pylons
  • Hints and Tips

on the

Not sales but SELLING – join the elite!

  • Take a step back
  • Create better communication
  • Improve relationships
  • Become the Brand Consultant
  • Time Management
  • What next – The Plan!
working in partnership with
International Sign Association
INDY Imaging Incorporated
“Wendy you did an outstanding job. You brought out things I’ve been told before but had forgotten. I really appreciate being invited and being one of your Guinea pigs. Thank you again”.
Kenny Spell – Glantz
“Even after 35 years I learned some new things. The variety, the detail, orientated discussions about manufacturing”.
Kevin McBroom – Martin Signs
“Awesome, learned lots. Lots of info, very informative and educational. Enjoyed all the samples provided”.
Jimmy Yin – Tymico