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​Historically, our industry has not relied on training to any great level; with the exception of selected apprenticeships, it is fair to say that the training available to our industry has been minimal.
The benefits of training are multiple, but in the sign and print industry it is just not something we have traditionally invested in. This is typically because ‘we know what we know’ and it has worked perfectly fine so far; however, training improves workforce confidence and competency, which in turn provides your customers with a better service and increased profitability.
The opportunities that training can offer are not limited to materials and products, there is benefit to sharing ideas in a group and talking through experiences.
Demonstrating that you invest in training will help you gain the reputation for being up to date with the latest materials, products and techniques. This will also show your workforce your commitment in their personal and professional development.
“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Sam as both a customer and colleague for well over a decade, her ability to connect people and businesses is something that I’ve always admired and a skill that many of her peers could learn from. Sam has a very natural way of delivering educational content that never feels patronising, whilst still engaging the room whether the participants experience covers a few months or a lifetime in the trade. She’s a highly motivated individual who I’d feel comfortable recommending to any of my network – keep up the great work Sam.”
Craig Brown, CEO – ISA-UK
“Very organised and structed very well. Very informative and presented very well, easy to understand and well organised.”
Sharah Chrusciel – Noaz Signs
“I am glad I came, this was of excellent value. Excellent presenter, loved her sense of humour. The knowledge, the humour, the examples, the hands-on examples and demonstrations superb.”
Jason Walker J Walker Signs and Lighting