Make It Happen Signage Academy

Make it Happen Signage Academy

Wendy Graves

Wendy Graves joined the signage industry in 2013 when her husband, Lloyd purchased Signarama Louisville East. She first intended to join the company in a supportive role, but little did she know signage would become her passion.

Her wealth of knowledge led to her becoming the company's operations manager. Wendy had the foresight for growth and in 2020, inSIGNia Wholesale was born!

As a viable member of the sign industry, she noticed a void in the inclusion of women and their accomplishments in the industry. As someone who thinks outside the box, Women In Signs, Etc. (W.I.S.E.) was created in January 2021. The group fulfilled the need for lack of connection with women in the signage industry.

Joining the Make It Happen Signage Academy team allows her to bring all the passions of training, mentoring, product knowledge improvement and a general cheerleader of others in this amazing industry.